This is Stephen's first album. It was remastered by Jon Gagan in 2008 and features two previously unreleased tracks.

You can download a PDF for Miranda here.

Culture Court has this to say about the album:
The title tune is a rumba, kicks ass all the way to the bullring and back to the bodega. It has a raunchiness to it, like a Sinaloan mariachi full-tilt at midnight. Technique? This flamenco has plenty, yet is never showy, never beside the point, never deploying speed runs for practice or vanity. The composition is everything: tone, narrative, and the flamenco feel. This sense of balance between aesthetics and virtuosity is a real measure of talent, and this album displays plenty.


1. Miranda 3:35
2. West Coast Sun 4:36
3. November 3:42
4. Sleepwalk 4:16
5. Tonight 3:40
6. Embrace 4:43
7. Cirrus 4:28
8. Avalon 3:55
9. Candelaria 4:39
10. Goodbye-Will I See You Again 3:44
11. A Moment Alone 1:36
12. Kallistos 5:36

Writing + Publishing

All music written by Stephen Duros.
Published by Stephen Duros Music/Luna Negra Music/BMI and administered by Holland Walk Muse/BMI


Producer: Stephen Duros

Engineer: Stephen Duros

Studio: Studio 490 in North Hollywood, California

Mastering: Jon Gagan @ The Electric Company in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Mixed by: Stephen Duros

Mix Medium: Digital

Record Medium: Digital

Stephen Duros - Flamenco Guitar, Keyboards & Percussion
Jason Shapiro - Congas, Bongos & TImbales

Photo of Stephen: ADIAZPHOTO
Design: OL